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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (2015) - Review

Another year, another Call of Duty game. And unlike the trend these days where people hate on COD because, well, it's COD, I always enjoy playing them. To me, they are like equivalent to summer blockbusters movies. Fun, entertaining, adrenaline pumping experience. And Black Ops 3 is no exception.

Things I liked:
  • While the main core feel is still typical COD, the additions in this game made a big difference to gameplay. Perhaps the biggest I have experienced in a COD game yet. The additions of augmented powers paved way for some tactical options. You get three groups of power types, each with their pros and cons, and switching them up, testing them out in different scenarios made for sum fun experimentation. Also, the powers themselves were pretty fun to use.
  • While the game is still COD style linear, the areas were often quite large and had vertical aspect to them as well. This resulted in fun battles, especially when you experiment with powers.
  • Addition of drones and robot enemies made for some much needed variety.
  • Some levels, especially near the end, were just beautiful to play in. Infact, I never thought I'll see such levels in a COD game. Kudos on that.
  • Engine overhaul. Treyarch did some major changes to the old COD IW engine. This resulted in a nice visual jump from the previous part. Higher res textures, much better character and facial animations, better lighting, better water simulation etc. The game looked pretty, especially when coming from Black Ops 2, that's all I'm saying.
  • Engine overhaul also resulted in better sound effects. The guns, the explosions, the surrounding effects, all sounded better.
  • While the story took its time, when it got going, it was interesting. And I like the subject it was about generally, so that was an added bonus for me.
  • The chaotic, futuristic, huge scale of war in some areas was a sight to behold.

Things I didn't liked:
  • The game was kinda boring at the start. Felt too futuristic that it took me out of the experience. Also, the earlier missions didn't hook me and took a while before I got interested in the story.
  • While the sound effects are good and much better than previous parts, there was this lack of UMPH effect. Like explosions and grenades and stuff all felt like they didn't had that proper LFE (Bass) effect, even at their Bass boost Sound mode. It mostly felt like a whimper. Maybe I'm too spoiled by DICE and their amazing sound effects in Battlefied series. :p
  • In Treyarch fashion, this part also had a twist. BUT it was easy to see it, so the reveal didn't had the shock value.
  • Apart from two scenes, there is literally no feel that this games is a black ops sequel. They could have named this anything else and it wouldn't have made a difference. This kinda pisses me off because they had the opportunity to make a great trilogy, with this part linking to the other two, but they wasted the Black Ops name.
  • The ending was abrupt.
  • The protagonist was uninteresting for a lot of the game. I didn't even liked his voice.

All in all, it was another enjoyable entry in the franchise. And is a must play for any COD fan.



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