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Captain America: Civil War (2016) - Review

Captain America: Civil War is yet another great entry to the Captain America movies and to the MCU. It follows after the events of Age of Ultron with the new avengers team kicking ass when the governments of the world decides to put them in check, under a specific division, following their orders, ultimately resulting in a divide among team members, hence CIVIL WAR.

Now after Winter Soldier, I was really impressed by what the Russo brothers could do and naturally my hopes for this film were really high. Did it deliver completely? Almost but not fully. There are things that this movie did beautifully, perfectly. But there are also some things which were sort of meh.

I liked how the plot was build up. The Civil War aspect was slowly seeping in alongside Steve's own story about his friend Bucky. At no point did the movie came to a halt for focusing on a specific thing as is the case with many other movies handling so many characters etc. Everything just flowed for the first half or so (minus the villain scenes) till we got to the Civil War break out, after which it was tons of action and entertainment.

The movie handled all the characters perfectly. And there was A LOT of them in the movie. The two main leads, Iron Man and Captain America, were the spear of the conflict and carried the movie. Joined by them were a ton of other superheroes, all getting their moment to shine and if I go into its detail would make this a really long review ( :p ), and to top it off, two new characters were introduced as well, which they managed to fit in perfectly. Now that's an impressive feat. I loved the little moments, the tiny touches to humor, the interactions, the conflicts, all of it. It was all so well done. Thor and Hulk were missed but I get the reason for not involving them in this movie, they wouldn't fit and would be to overpowered for what they were going for.

The new characters, Spider-man and Black Panther, were both great. Black Panther kicked some major ass. And it was so great seeing a young guy play spider-man. It felt really right. Tom Holland gave a humorous performance as spidey, cracking jokes while fighting, acting all wow and stuff, just what you'd expect from a teenager. It was awesome. And the new aunt may, well lets just say I fully agree with Tony Stark on this one.

Something else that was really awesome were the fight scenes. Winter Soldier had good hand to hand combat action but Russo brothers really improved upon that and gave the best action we've gotten in MCU so far. The stunt work and choreography was superb. Every blow felt like it connected and you could feel it. It was gritty and felt realistic (considering the premise). And that whole airport battle teased and hyped up in the marketing, it was a love letter to all the fans. Pure extreme fan service of the highest quality. Every character shined, got their moment, and it was just so much entertaining, especially with characters like Ant-Man and Spider-Man in the mix. And while not spoiling anything, what came after this monumental battle was something even better and something I was looking forward to throughout the movie. The seriousness, the grit of it, the brutality, I LOVED IT and I wished some of that stuff could have been implemented earlier too.

As for the negatives, well, I didn't like the villain Nemo played by Daniel Bruhl, or his scenes. I actually liked the fact that he was not your typical take over the world type villain and I did like his ultimate intentions, but it was handled poorly. Most of his stuff felt slow and boring, and I just wanted his scenes to end so that we could go back to the heroes. Also, the Civil War didn't really felt like that apart from for three characters. The build up was great but for the rest, it just felt like a fun-ish brawl and difference of opinion with hardly any consequence. I didn't get the weight and seriousness of a Civil War among all heroes from the movie, not in the least, which was really disappointing considering Batman V Superman didn't deliver as well on their VS plot. Felt more like another movie making victim of its marketing strategies.

Still, it was a really entertaining ride, with tons and tons of priceless moments that makes it a must watch for any MCU fan. Of course, one should not expect to just watch this out of the blue and like/love it. You have to had watched all the previous MCU movies to fully realize why us MCU fans loved the character moments and stuff in it. Phase 3 is off to a great start.



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