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Deadpool (2016) - Review

This is a superhero origin movie about Deadpool, who's more of an anti-hero. With all the great marketing and dedication by Ryan Reynolds and the team behind it, the movie had garnered immense hype and it was really pleasing to see the movie live up to it.

Ryan Reynolds was born for this role. He personified Deadpool perfectly. He was simply amazing. Loved him. Aside from him, the secondary cast did a really good job as well. I loved Morena Baccarin as the love interest for Deadpool and very surprisingly, their romance subplot was handled very well, something that is very rare, especially considering I usually hate lovey dovey stuff. They had great chemistry and I would say they are probably the best superhero couple in my opinion after Spiderman and Gwen in The Amazing spiderman movies. T.J Miller as Deadpool's friend was great and had some really funny lines. Loved Colossus and the other teenage mutant, movie handled them very well. Hell, even the Indian cab driver guy was funny and good in his small role.

From the awesome opening credits to the funny after credits scene, Deadpool was a blast. It was very tightly packed with little to no breathing room at all. The movie really flowed with jokes, action, romance etc, all interwoven very nicely. The movie was small in scale and I think it was a good thing. They focused on all the right points, mainly Deadpool, and it paid off. It had Deadpool's signature 4th wall breaks and humor and was perfectly crafted in the film. So many utterly hilarious moments in the film where I actually laughed out loud. I tell ya, I was having so much fun with this film that during half time, I could have sworn that only 15-20 mins have passed by. Seriously, the movie flew by me so fast, it was almost weird. It is almost 2 hours long and it felt like half that long.

The movie is rated R, and it fully utilizes it. There is tons and tons of crude jokes and curses, Deadpool shit talks here and there all the time. The action is bloody and gory. There is nudity and sex. I mean this is a Rated R movie through and through and it was just really refreshing to see a superhero movie like this. Plus, you can't do Deadpool justice in any other way.

Relative to other superhero movies, Deadpool had a small budget, and it sometimes showed. CGI was a bit shoddy at times but the way they incorporated it in scenes and didn't made it a CGI fest, it looked mostly fine. The action scenes were great and entertaining.

Villain was a bummer though. Ajax a.k.a Francis was just like the opening credits defined him, just some British villain guy. He was uninteresting, had little to no development and was evil for the sake of being evil. But funnily enough, he still worked for the movie cause all it really needed was a target for Deadpool and Ajax fitted that bill perfectly. So it's more of like a nitpick then a real negative but still I would have liked it if the villain was more fleshed out.

All in all, this is easily the funniest superhero movie I have watched to date, beating Guardians of the Galaxy, and was also my funnest cinema experience so far. It's one of those rare movies that is made by fans for the fans but also caters to non-fans. I myself didn't know much about Deadpool but I still enjoyed the hell out of this film. It is great to see this film being successful cause now Fox, and hopefully other studios too, will take more chances and give the teams more freedom. I guess Fox redeemed themselves after that disaster of a film, Fant4stic. A must watch.



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