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Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) - Movie Review

"Everyone creates the thing they fear. Men of peace create engines of war. Avengers create invaders. Parents create children, that will supplant them."

It's the kind of movie that I had great time with, even though I will agree to it having tons of flaws.

Lets start with the story, it was mostly a mess. Throughout the movie, it felt like so much stuff have been crammed into a runtime obviously not enough for it. Pacing was a hit and a miss. There were some stuff that was really rushed while other sequences dragged on. Ultron creation and character development in particular was rushed like hell, something that would have benefited greatly from getting more screen time. Also, whole thing between Bruce and Natasha felt forced and out of place. Their scenes really dragged on. It would have been better if they went with Natasha and Steve instead as they had great chemistry in Winter Soldier. It just felt like the whole movie needed more time to be polished out, smooth out the rough edges.

While the story was a mess, the character set wasn't. The returning cast was great as usual, bringing their superhero A game. You could feel that they have been a team for a while now, having more chemistry with each other, cracking more jokes and poking more fun at each other etc. New additions, although a bit rushed, were pretty good. Vision, in particular, I felt was handled nicely. Scarlett Witch was hot (I love Elizabeth Olsen :p ) and Quicksilver always looked cool thanks to his power. Some great developments occurred character wise. Hawkeye finally had a notable presence, something that was dearly missing before.

Ultron was amazing. James Spader voice really made the character shine. I loved how he had more of a personality then being just a evil bad guy. He had so many great lines, often humorous. I was not actually expecting it as the trailers were really misleading, but it was welcomed nonetheless. Ultron stole every scene he was in but it's a shame he didn't had that much screen time in the movie. Also, he was nerfed like hell. Would have been cool if he actual put on a proper beating to the avengers, shook em bad and all, would have really improved the atmosphere of the movie.

Speaking of atmosphere, this is yet another movie falling victim to its misleading trailers. The trailers made me believe it would be a more serious sequel, but it wasn't. Hell, it had more humor than the first part. Joss whedon signature humor was sprinkled throughout the movie. And I actually enjoyed most of it as they had great timing and execution. Marvel movies have this thing being lite and enjoyable and I'm all with it. Many of it were the little things between the team that just made you like them more. But there were moments where toning down the humor would have been seriously great. The presence of Ultron that I wanted never reached that level as one liners and other laughs kept blocking it. That fear or hopelessness never arrived, and it was really disappointing.

Action though, was AMAZING. And there was lots of it. Well shot, directed and choreographed. It was handled much better this time as compared to the previous part. And the awaited Hulk vs HulkBuster fight was a feast for the eyes. So much epicness, such carnage and pure destruction. The fanboy in me was crazy happy. CGI was top notch, they spared no expense.

Soundtrack was good, although nothing special. Main theme of Avengers, which I love, was back, but was underutilized.

It is a given that there is no way to replicate that special and unique feeling of first part of having your favourite superheroes in one movie and acting as team. I found the first Avengers to be better overall. Despite its flaws though, I still found this movie to be a great one. I immensely enjoyed this film, had a great time at the theater and already are getting craving for a second viewing. If nothing else, it is still pretty entertaining. An extended cut with and alternate ending has been announced and it will be released with the BluRay. I believe it could solve many of the issues I have with this film. Can't wait to get my hands on the BluRay. If you're a Marvel fan, have been following the MCU movies and like this Universe, there is no doubt you will like/love this movie. Go watch it.

8.3/10 (Original rating influenced by hype)
7.8/10 (Proper rating after several re-watches)


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